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"Cynthia Makris has a knack for inspiring and motivating all those around her. Her kind words, easy smile, and joyful sense of humor make her easy to listen to as a teacher and coach, and fun to be around as a friend. There's an intrinsic wisdom and charisma about her that compels people to listen and learn and benefit greatly from hearing what Cynthia has to say."

Brenda Robinson

"From her friendly persona to her magnificent operatic voice and talent, Cynthia Makris engages and informs like few speakers I know. Her message not only makes you feel good, it raises the bar for what's possible in your life. Cynthia IS the Life Diva."

Mace Horoff

"Cynthia Makris has the rare ability to connect instantly with any audience. Her confidence as a presenter is anchored in decades of thorough rehearsal and on stage performances. Cynthia's speaking style is polished, powerful, and filled with joy. She tells stories and uses interesting anecdotes to support important messages embedded in her speeches. That allows listeners to be entertained at a high level while still able to remember the important life lessons she shares. Cynthia is a world class speaker who captures and keeps the attention of groups of all sizes."

Ed Lamont

"Cynthia Makris, is a highly motivated, gifted, multi talented professional with a high standard of integrity. She has the spirit of a true artist, whether she is gracing the stage with her magnificent voice, using her sense of design as an interior decorator, or tapping into her keen sense of business as a successful realtor. She is a winner who loves to share her energy with others."

Myra Goldick



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